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As an Icelandic photographer living in Norway, I am very lucky to have access to some amazing nature and landscapes. But it was not until I found photography, that I started traveling and to really appreciate what my two home countries have to offer. 

My passion for photography has always been present in my life, in different ways. In the last 10 years it has been a hobby that has taken a bigger and bigger part of my free time, and even something I have been able to bring into my work.

I have had a number of different cameras over the years, but the one that really sparked my creative side was an old Canon film SLR. This was at the very end of the film era and I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun!

The first DSLR I had was a Canon EOS 550 with a kit lens. I would take photos of everything and everyone, not knowing anything about editing tools or having any specific plan for the photos. 

I would probably have been quite content with the same camera for a long time, had it not been for my gadget freak of a husband, who decided it was time we upgraded to Canon 6D. I must say that I am very happy we did! With this upgrade came our love for night photography, starry skies and chasing the northern lights. I have to admit that I am not a fan of spending time out in the dark woods, waiting for a long exposure to finish so I can turn my flash light back on, but I find the results incredibly rewarding.   

My husband and and I have a lot of shared interests, one of which is luckily photography. He is my absolute favorite traveling partner and keeps me motivated when my own motivation fails me. Check out his work at


Although a lot of my photos are landscapes, I really love photographing people and catching little moments in life. I am passionate about my garden and a lot of my gardening is done while carrying my camera around with a macro lens on, trying to get a close up of the beauty of the world.


When editing my photos, I don't really have a specific style (unless it is part of a creative project). I prefer seeing each image as an individual project of its own, and the edit is based on the mood and feel of each shot. I tend to stay true to the nature of the image and make adjustments according to what I see and how I would like others to see my view of the world. 

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